Locksmith Training: How To Find And Where To Train

If you’re considering becoming a certified locksmith you will need to find a reputable training program. To be considered a trustworthy, knowledgeable locksmith in your area finding the right program that will offer you proper certification is key. There are many vocational programs available that will provide you with the education yet not the proper certification. But how do you find a reputable locksmith training program? And where do you train?

A quick internet search for locksmith training will render you with a plethora of for-profit vocational colleges. These may provide you with an education but they will also cost you a pretty penny. Instead turn to programs offered or recommended by reliable locksmith associations. The Associated Locksmiths of America is a great site to begin looking into becoming a certified locksmith. A list of approved training programs is available on this site. This association also offers its own educational course, a 200 day, instructor-led training course through regionally sponsored classes, the annual ALOA Expo, or ALOA training centre. You can also obtain three different level of certification from the ALOA based on test scores in various categories, a bonus.

Another recommended way to finding locksmith training is to seek the help of local locksmiths. Inquire how they obtained their training and education to assist your search. Following highly skilled and reputable locksmiths in your area can get you set in the right direction. Make sure they have a reliable business through client reviews and verify their licensure is applicable to ensure you are receiving honest advice.

When it comes to where you can train, there are a few options. You can train solely online, or in a classroom. There are obvious advantages in where you train. Online courses can teach you everything you need to know about the art of becoming a locksmith yet there are no live, hands-on training. Within a classroom you get the advantage of working hands-on with an experienced instructor. For a trade program and career that is immersed in working with your hands and tools, in-classroom training will provide you with the best educational experience to gain an apprenticeship within a company or provide you with a better start if you are going to work for yourself.

There is no defined path to becoming a locksmith as not all states require licensure or certification. Some states only require a locksmith to pass a criminal background check. Therefore, choose an educational path that best suits your needs and states requirements. Don’t get fooled by high priced vocational programs. Instead, find reputable locksmith associations and or professionals in your area to get off on the right foot. Even if your state does not require any certification to become a locksmith, other than a background check, a reputable training program can still benefit you, and the certification will give you an advantage over competing businesses in your area.