What Is The Perfect Window Complement To Shutters?

Information and credits: http://lightspread.org

Curtains or Blinds?
Window treatments are an integral aspect of any home, after all, no home has bare windows. Whether you opt for shutters, blinds, curtains, or shades- window treatments are a must. Shutters are the most popular choice, and for good reason. Once you have the perfect shutters installed for your windows you are faced with another decision. What window complement should you choose? Do you complement the look with blinds or curtains?

Curtains offer the perfect finish to any room, offering an elegant and tailored look to any room. Offering a cosiness and aesthetic that is difficult to recreate with any other style of window treatments. If you want to create cosy rooms (especially during the winter months) then the only choice is curtains.

While curtains may not suit every home, every room, or every budget- what they offer are plenty of advantages, and not just privacy.

Plantation shutters are an incredibly popular option across the country. They offer practicality, functionality, simplicity, that suit any lifestyle and climate. They are easy to clean, and simple to maintain. They may be an expensive investment; however, they are a long-term investment that increase the value of your home, and your curb appeal.

For rooms that are street facing you want to let the light shine in, but you also want privacy. This is where the window complement comes in. Plantation shutters offer both, and curtains finish that look, providing additional insulation and added privacy come nightfall.

Many people believe that if you choose shutters, then thatâs it- choice over, itâs got to be only shutters. The truth is, having one doesnât mean you canât have more. There is no reason that you canât have shutters and curtains (or blinds, if you heart so desires). The combination of curtains and plantation shutters provides a stunning aesthetic and the perfect finish to any room.

You will make the choice to install plantation shutters based on their functional features, and you will opt for curtains to add the aesthetics. Curtains can soften the look of the room, add a warmth and softness to any room. Shutters serve a serious purpose, and curtains finish the look.

If expense is your concern, then remember that this is an investment. You can opt to hang a panel on either side of a window, which will create an effective look without a high cost, but curtains are also an excellent way to create height in any room. You can also create an illusion of height to a room. By hanging the curtain rod as close to the ceiling or cornice as possible it provides the room with an illusion of height. So, not only are curtains beautiful, but they serve a purpose in complementing the shutters.