I Want To Enhance My Window Security, What Are My Options?

There are many reasons to want to enhance your window security. Whether you are looking to
protect your family from intruders or just windy nights there are window security options for
everyone. Here are some of the most useful window security options on the market today.

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Reinforced glass
To help protect your family use a tempered glass window instead of traditional glass. This
hardened glass with withstand more pressure. Not only will it hold up better, but if the window
does break it will shatter into many smaller pieces instead of larger sharper, jagged pieces. You
can also purchase safety glass to use in windows. This type of glass usually has a thin piece of
vinyl sandwiched in the middle of the glass. The added vinyl makes it harder to break through
the glass quickly. An intruder will have to hit the glass more times than a normal piece of glass
and most of the time cause a lot of noise before breaking through a piece of safety glass.

Window locks
The simple action of locking your windows can help prevent many intruders. Making it hard to
open the window deters most would be burglars. If your windows do not have good locks on
them, or even if they do and you would like secondary reassurance try a dead bolt. These easy
to install locks can be placed on all windows. You can install them yourself and only need
minimal tools. Making the locks visible can also help to deter crime.

Plexiglas windows
To avoid using glass at all Plexiglas can be a great alternative. This plastic composite material is
ten times stronger than glass and almost impossible to break, depending on the thickness.
Costing more than safety glass and traditional glass, Plexiglas can be expensive but worth the
price. Try using this material on ground level windows only if budget is a problem and use
safety glass or tempered glass on less accessible windows.

Window alarms
If you do not wish to or dont have the budget to change all of your glass windows to a new
material, window alarms can be a great product. Place the alarms on all ground floor windows
to be notified of any movement. If someone tries to open the window an alarm will sound
alerting you of the intruder. There are many styles of this product, but the wireless easy to
install sensors are a good place to start. No need for professional installation with this product,
you can purchase them at your local hardware store and install them yourself. If you are using
battery operated versions be sure to check the batteries frequently to make sure they are

Take the safety of your family seriously and invest in at least one form of window security.
Choose a simple option like window locks for starters. With minimal cost and effort, you can
transform your home into a safe haven starting with the windows.